Video games

Junkrat Frag Launcher

GALLERY THE TARGET I often play Overwatch with one of my best friends and he really enjoys playing as Junkrat. Therefore I made him the major weapon as birthday gift: the Frag Launcher


GALLERY THE TARGET I’m still playing Pokemon GO and I like being part of the community of Montpellier (South of France)! Once again I decided to make a papercraft as prize for our contest.


GALLERY THE TARGET As a big player of the mobile game Pokemon Go, I want to help my community. So when the Bulbasaur event was announced, I wanted to offer this papercraft to the winner of our small contest.

Witcher Medaillon

GALLERY THE TARGET After reading some books of The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski,  I really wanted to pay tribute to this awesome series of books and video games Photos from Claude Schmitt


GALLERY THE TARGET I wanted to make the helmet of Ornstein, the Dragon Slayer, from Darksouls because it was the favorite character of one of my best friends.

Mei’s blaster

GALLERY THE TARGET My objective was to make a life-size Mei’s endothermic blaster from the game Overwatch and give it to one of my best friends for his birthday.


GALLERY THE TARGET The aim of the project was to create a human wearable Reaper mask from the famous game Overwatch for my little brother for his birthday.